Friday, March 1, 2013

Challenge Tally = Stiff Competition

Sr. John-Mark is looking for more registrations!  Only one week left, be sure to register SOON!

Sr. John-Mark just tallied up all the registrations...and sorted all of Challenge Registrations.  Wanna know who's ahead at this point?

*UNIVERSITY: Just ONE REGISTRATION separates NAU from ASU!!!  Ya, can't get much closer than that!  We're sure the Chaplain's Challenge will be just as close!

*ELEMENTARY: Ville de Marie is in the lead!!!

*HIGH SCHOOL: We have how many Catholic High Schools in Phoenix? 8?  Where are all the registrations?  Come on you high schoolers, represent! :)

*PARISH PRIDE: St Joan of Arc in NARROWLY winning the Parish competition, just 2 registrations ahead of St. Mary Magdalene, with several other parishes just a few registrations behind that (including St. Thomas and St. Annes).

With only a week left to register, all of the Challenges are still wide open! Who will the winners be?

In other news, we received the sad news that Fr. Mark from EWTN's Life on the Rock will not be able to make it to the Nun Run as expected.  Wondering why?  Well, he just HAD to go to Rome and cover the Conclave for EWTN...lame excuse, right!?  All kidding aside, we pray for EWTN and their ongoing coverage of these historic events, as well - of course - as promising our prayers to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and the College of Cardinals.

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