Monday, February 4, 2013

The Challenges are on...

OK everybody...The 4th Annual Nun Run is like only one month away!  Let's start getting excited!!!  This year promises to be the best yet as people across Arizona get involved.

The School Challenge and the Parish Pride are still pretty new!  So let's do our best get them up and running!!  For more info on both of these Challenges, check out some info on our website or email us @ 

The Chaplains Challenge is going strong.  Rumor has reached us that both priest chaplains' are training.  Last year it was a pretty stiff competition with Fr. Muir finishing just seconds before Fr. Lowry.  So we'll see whether or not NAU will claim the fame this year! 

Be sure to cast your vote on the Chaplains Challenge poll on the sidebar of this blog! 

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