Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello all you faithful nun run fans,
It's time to do the deed and REGISTER!  Register now to get the best deal.  $25 through Feb. 23rd. 

We'll make it super easy for you!  Just click here to register via Active

Please don't wait till Race Day to register.  Yes, we do have Day-Of Registrations, but we cannot guarantee the correct t-shirt size for those who register on Race Day.

All the last minute details for the Run are coming together beautifully. 

I've been thinking a lot about the run that St. John and St. Peter did as they ran to the tomb on that first Easter morning.  They ran with such anticipation and hope! 

But alas we are not yet at Easter, are we?  As always, the Nun Run falls right in the middle of Lent. 

But, really it is the perfect time for a fundraising Run, is it not?

Registering could be part of your Lenten almsgiving and training part of your Lenten discipline! 

Let us run so as to win - let us run for the crown that does not wither... 1Corinthians 9!

 Please register today...

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