Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who is participating so far?

Of the registrations process through the internet here is the breakdown!

62.22% of the participants are female
36.78% of the participants are male

These are the states represented:
Arizona and Ohio (this is my home state and we are in 2nd place!)
Can you tell I am excited?  Keep registering Ohio!
as well as IN, IL, TN, NY, NJ, CO, AL, AK, CA, CT, FL, ID, KS, KY, ME, MI, MO, NE, NV, NM, PA, TX, VA, & WI (several of these states only have one participant...won't you join them?)

Australia, Wales and Zambia (in Africa) are the only other countries so far.  Do you have family or friends outside the U.S.A.?  Is your child or grandchild studying abroad?  Please invite them to participate!    

Share the fun and register today!



  1. What, no one from NY!! C'mon New Yawkers! Let's see some of you on the registration list. Sadly, I cannot run, but I will be sending a donation.

  2. I signed up today to be a 10K shadow runner, and I think I got a few coworkers to sign up too. Will try to convince my friends from MD to do the same - maybe I can get my goddaughter to use the good ole "Catholic guilt" to get her parents to sign up as shadow runners ;)

    - Rafael Ojeda