Monday, February 13, 2012

I Started A Blog on our Shadow Participants in Africa....

Well, my novice blogging ability has caught up with me!  I searched far and wide and I cannot find the draft of the blog I was working on.  I know sister will help me and it should be up tomorrow!  So what for today? 

How about... how can you help organize a Shadow Team?

 Becoming a Shadow Participant
o            Sign Up Online at (be sure to sign up as Shadow Participant) or with the mail-in Registration
o            A Race Shirt and Bib Number will be mailed to you
o            Send us your race times and photos of your race and they will be posted online
Organizing a Shadow Team
o            Appoint a Team Captain and Name Your Team
o            Make copies of the Registration Form  to give out to prospective Team Members or encourage them to 
sign up online at
o            Tell Team Members to mark “Shadow Participant” when registering and to fill in the Team Captain portion 
of the form
o            Largest Shadow Team’s Name and # of participants will be engraved on the base of the Nun Run Trophy!
o            Be creative: invite friends, family, church members, and neighbors to join in!
o            You can keep the event very simple (meeting at a park or indoor track to do the run together) or you can 
make it more official by having a  timekeeper, finish line, refreshments, etc.  It can be as simple or as complex 
as you would like! 

 Oh, so the flier is a bit backwards....any way I could send you some of these via snail mail to help  you "search out" your team.  Just email me at


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