Friday, February 18, 2011

THREE WEEKS FROM RACE DAY and our friends are gettin' creative

Hello Everyone! We are three weeks out and the excitement over this year's run is gaining momentum.
A big shout out to all our shadow participants covering 35 states!  To date, we already have DOUBLE the amount registered than we did last year at this time...thank you for you enthusiasm, it gives testimony to our union in Jesus, no matter how many miles may separate us! To show our gratitude we wanted to share with you the way some of our friends are gettin' creative...

Meet Bill Duffy, sfo, Columbia City, IN
Mr Duffy, because of knee issues knew he couldn't run the race, so instead of being a shadow runner, he is yep, you guessed it...a 'shadow wheeler'. Instead of running the 10k, he will be biking a 50k(31mi). To quote him, 'The snow is melting and it's time to ride!'

Be safe our fellow Franciscan! Ride hard and watch the ice!!!

Meet our friend(center back row) Richard from MN...Richard is traveling west to AZ with his wife, Kelly to be an on-site 10k participant! He has several grandkids in Phoenix, so it will be a family affair! We look forward to meeting them ALL!

Last but not least, meet Bob and Mimi from Indian Harbour Beach, FL...unfortunately we don't have a photo...but they are both retired military(we salute you both!) who will be doing the desert run like they do it in Florida---a beach walk!!!

Thank you to all who have registered near and far! Share your enthusiasm with us and with your friends!  Until next week, KEEP TRAINING!  God bless you and your's---sr esther marie

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