Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learning the Hard Way

 There is much to be learned when you’re training, no?
 Here's some of the basics: 
              *You CAN go that extra lap before you have that water!
              *It is NOT about being perfect or looking perfect, it's about persevering at the task at       
                hand. And being thankful. Period.
              *It is just downright healthy mentally and physically to treat yourself every once and   

   *And lastly, I experienced on Sunday one of the most important 'Life Lessons' one can glean while training and that is- to just laugh at yourself!!! 
Here I am lying on my back in the desert,
this one is totally staged!
There I was doing my run, feeling pretty cocky as I finished my 2nd mile, basking in the early morning sun just as it was peaking over the White Tanks and WHAMO, I got tripped up over a TINY pebble. Next thing I knew I was laying flat on my back in the middle of the desert, with gravel stuck in my hands and blood gushing from my knee. And all I could do, after I checked my new running pants to make sure I didn't rip them (phew, I didn't) was to lay back down and laugh. It was a great opportunity to just let go of everything I wanted to accomplish and open my eyes to the beauty God has so surrounded me with. So remember, goals are good, pushing yourself has its benefits, but being grateful and loving what your doing is the best training tip of all!!

OK, onto business! Sr John-Mark and I had a fantastic meeting last week at Kiwanis Park in Tempe-the new (and improved) venue! It is fantastic because it is so centrally located, is full of acre after acre of green grass with a lovely pond to boot. We look forward to working with Jerry, from the city of Tempe to make this a blessed and fun event for all. Sorry, we forgot a camera, but next time we go we'll take pics. Promise.

Registrations are starting to come in some of the places are New York, West Virginia and Pennsylvania...not to mention locally as well!!!  

Thanks to our good friend Ruth Ristow who is designing the T-shirts for the run this year. You made it hard to just choose one Ruth, but choose we did. Sorry everyone, no sneak peaks...you'll just have to wait till race day. But know that you will be the most stylish runners around!!

OK. I have prattled on way to long. Till next week...keep runnin'...it's a good habit!! 

May God bless you and your's--Sr Esther Marie

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