Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nun Run T-Shirt Blow Out! :)

Hi Everyone!  Yes, it's us again!  The Running Nuns are preparing for Nun Run 2011 and we are so excited!  Saturday, March 12, 2011 is going to be awesome!  We just had our first "in-house" meeting, and are so delighted to see how the Lord has already given Nun Run 2011 wings.  There are so many great inspirations and ideas flying around in our heads.  Please pray for us especially in these beginning stages.  We know He has super plans for His event again this coming year.  We believe it will be even more glorious than 2010 - if that's possible! :) Anyone blessed to participate with us last March knows what I mean.  It was an incredible day - whether you were at our venue in Arizona or a Shadow participant in your own area!

We are having a NUN RUN 2010 T-SHIRT BLOW-OUT
For a donation of $20.00 you can have one of our unique event t-shirts.  Below are the sizes and amounts we have available.  We will not be able to ship them out till November.
(First come first serve on the sizes.)

Ladies: Small (11), Medium (71), Large (13), Extra Large (1)
Mens: Small (6), Medium (3)
Youth: Small (3), Medium (1), Large (4)

You can make checks out to: Our Lady of Solitude.  And mail them, along with your size request to: PO Box 92, Black Canyon City, AZ 85324.

Your donations will help support Nun Run 2011 and our continued building fund. 
God bless you!

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