Friday, March 5, 2010

"We get by with a little help from our FRIENDS"...

My name is Fr. John Caulfield, and I’m a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington.  I’m also an enthusiastic supporter of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration and their first Nun Run!!  I want to thank the Sisters for giving me a chance to offer a little encouragement to all of you out there who are Nun Run Fundraisers – and to those of you who still might be.  What a great chance we have to be co-workers with the Sisters in the building up of God’s kingdom in the midst of the Arizona desert.  And by asking people to donate to the cause, we’re offering them that same chance of joining in this amazing work.  So don’t be shy, but be boldly confident in the Lord!  Go out into the streets and byways, homes and workplaces, emails, texts and blogs, and get the word out – there’s something special happening in the desert!  Let people see your enthusiasm, and they’ll be enthusiastic, too, and very willing to support you and the Sisters.  Above all, pray and entrust all your efforts to Our Lord. It’s His work, so may His will be done!

Thanks a million Father!!  We are so blessed by your friendship and grateful for your support!  
Your Sisters love you! :)

Check out this link for a couple easy ways to help us raise funds.  Fr. Caulfield is our leading fundraiser (at this point).  Why not give him and Lori (our largest local fundraiser) some competition.  See:

Alright, you heard him - don't be shy.  God bless!

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