Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's a party!

A goodie bag stuffing party! 

This past Thursday evening we were blessed to be joined by some of our volunteers to get our bags stuffed and go over some details for our race.

Here are some pictures of our great helpers!

With all the media coverage I haven't had time to keep up here on this Nun Run blog.  But Sr. Fidelis is doing a beautiful job posting about all of that on the main Desert Nuns blog.  So keep an eye out for her posts.  I will give you news again as soon as I'm able.
A great big thanks to Wendy (in purple) - our volunteer coordinator.  

Alright, we are only a week away today!  We are so excited about how the Lord has made our little efforts explode and really take on these epic proportions!  Praise Him!

You have our prayers during the last leg of your training and preparations.

Run so as to win...  Sr. Augustine Marie

And, lastly, a smile with Marci and Jill!  
We couldn't do it without you!  THANKS, JILL, for everything! :)


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  2. I can't wait until this Saturday! I somehow happened across a Nun Run flier at work and am running the 10k this weekend in Chicago! I hope there are many more, as I wish to be able to run the race in Arizona one day. Thank you for doing God's work. Peace in Christ.