Thursday, March 4, 2010

Channel 12 Interview

Hi Everyone!  We are finishing an interview with Channel 12 today.  They will put it all together in a package and air it sometime in the next week or two before the Race on their Hero Central segment.  Hope it's good! :)  We had fun, either way.  James the camera guy and interviewer was sweet.  He was able to get some soundbites, footage of us praying and some of us training out on the mesa.  The last part is a Skype interview with Lin Sue this afternoon.  And it will be complete.  God-willing it will touch some hearts and get people out running with us!

Last time I blogged I said I wanted to write about the Shadow Participants.  I didn't forget.  I am so excited about these racers.  In case you aren't familiar with the term.  It just means an "off-site runner/walker".  This give EVERYONE the opportunity to participate in our event.  Even if you don't live in the area, or even in Arizona you can register and run in your own location.  It's (almost) as good as being here.  You will get a t-shirt and race #.  If you sign up before March 6th we will mail these to you in time to run in on March 20th.  If you sign up after March 6th, you will still get a shirt and # - but not till after the 20th of March.  Obviously as we get closer to March 20th we can't guarantee that the USPS will cooperate.  But, let me say it again - SHADOW PARTICIPANTS can register till MARCH 20th.  Ok, my excitement is rising!  Our first registration was a woman in London!  We now have people running in Italy, Puerto Rico, Australia, and all over the States!  Please, help us continue to spread the word to your family and friends.  Another registration came in for a shadow runner in Landsdale, PA yesterday.  She said she heard about the Run from an email from a friend!  Wow, all the way over there... incredible :)

I will post when the Channel 12 Interview will air.  Keep an eye on the blog.

I have to run for now....  God bless and may He keep you in His peace.  Sr. Augustine Marie

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