Monday, February 15, 2010

We are on Facebook too!

Wow, these last few weeks have totally picked up with Nun Run preps!  And we are getting so excited.  But that's not the real reason for my slacking here on the blog.  We are now on Facebook.  Trying to figure that out...and keeping up with posts there have put me behind here.  Ugh!  I will have to juggle both somehow.  Actually, I heard from the lovely ladies who set that page up on Facebook that I can link it and have people read this and that.  Hmmm... I thought I was pretty computer savvy but I'm not totally getting it.  I'll admit - I'm a novice on Facebook.  But in the short time I've posted and browsed I can see it's a great tool.  I hope to use it for His Glory!  Be sure to check us out on Facebook.  We are: The Poor Clares Nun Run 2010.  Do I need to tell you anything else for you to find us? the news.  Registrations are pouring in.  Don't wait to sign up.  We are filling up fast with both on-site runners and shadow runners.  We are just thrilled at the enthusiasm and interest this event has generated!  The fun news...we have our race shirt designed and have seen the first printing.  We think you are going to be wild about them.  We like them a ton! :)

Two more quick things...  we have a FREE PRIZE.  Anyone who raises $100.00 in donations to our cause will receive the coolest 20oz Nun Run logo stainless steel water bottle! :)  They are very fun.  Everyone who has seen them thinks the $100.00 additional funds to be raised is actually too low for such a great prize.  But we want you to have them...  So, please be sure and check out our "Additional Fundraising" page for ideas and information on how to win this and other incentive prizes.  Our local fundraisers should be interested in "Dinner with the Nuns".  Serranos Restaurant has graciously offered to host this wonderful meal.  We are all looking forward to it.

I am getting long here.  I will end now - but will post again with more info as soon as can be.  Please leave your questions and comments.  I'd love to know what you are thinking...  Next time I write I want to share some about our Shadow Teams.  I'm so excited about them!  And I want to encourage EVERYONE to participate - near or far.  Just remember if you are a Shadow Runner - you must register by March 6 to have a shirt and # to race in on March 20.  Our cut off for mail-outs in time for the race date is MARCH 6!

Alright...we are still training.  
Hope this Lent is a great spiritual training time for you as well!
You all have our prayers before Jesus.

God bless you, Sr. Augustine Marie

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