Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Training in progress....

Today I caught Sr. John-Mark eating a banana sundae! :))  She said she was "training".  I think she means...because she is training - she needs the extra energy.  Ha!  She certainly deserves it for all the hard work she is doing in organizing this, will be, fabulous event!  I can't give her a hard time.  Sister, you can have 10 more if you want :)

It's getting late here, but I wanted to write a quick post to answer an anonymous readers question from yesterday about how many Sisters will be participating in our run/walk.  To date - 1 Sister will be running the 10k, 2 Sisters will be running the 5k, and the other 3 will be walking the 5k.   So everyone is participating in one fashion or another!  We are all very, very excited!  And everyone is in "training" one fashion or another!

Please, keep the questions coming.  I enjoy answering your questions, hearing your comments, getting your feedback and learning how you are promoting our Run.  Only 66 days till Race Day...

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  1. This race is a great idea! I look forward to being a 10k shadow participant. Please pray for me - I have a "nun run" of my own - I am running a marathon to raise money so I can enter a convent! Know of my prayers for your community.