Friday, January 22, 2010

Alerting all Floridians...

There is a hurricane brewing in Florida! :)  My sweet little sister, Karen, is organizing a Nun Run Shadow Run in Central Florida for March 20th.  She is inviting everyone in Florida, and surrounding areas, who would like to participate!  So join in the fun.  Run with others who also want to help us make our dream of building the Lord a Eucharistic Throne here in the desert a reality!  She and Eddie, one of our great friends (pictured running a race to the left), are still securing a place and the details.  If you are interested in being apart of this shadow run team, please email me with your contact info at  I will pass it onto them and they will contact you with the details when they have been worked out.

Do not forget the largest shadow team gathered outside our venue here in Arizona will be recognized.  Our Stanley Nun trophy will have the team name, location and # of people engraved on the base in thanksgiving for your support.  And we will award the team members with a special shadow participant ribbon.  Our hope is that this will be an incentive for all of you to tell as many of your family and friends, and gather to run/walk in your area.  There are also shadow runs being organized in Washington, DC and Ohio.  (These are Sr. John-Mark's family and friends.  There  is a heated competition between Ohio and Florida.  We'll see who really has more friends! :)

Ok, there is so much more to tell.  But I am going to close for now and I promise to try and be better about blogging regularly.  Before I the right is a pic of Karen, me and Kim! (Another one of our sisters, Kim, will be running in Colorado too. I'm sure she would love some company if anyone lives close and wants to join her.  Email me your info and I'll pass it onto her.)  I hope you get to meet them.  They are both so sweet! 

God bless you!  Keep running...


  1. We're so excited for the Shadow Nun Run here in Florida! Mark my words, we will win the Stanley Nun Trophy ;) Love & Miss you!

  2. This is Sr. John-Mark My Words Maria!
    OHIO... Stanley Nun Trophy is heading our way! Come on land of milk and honey are we going to put up with this talk from Florida?

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  4. Hi we are here in Florida!! We want to run in the nun run. How would I get more info. What a great idea!!
    God Bless You!!

  5. Kirsten, The Florida Nun Run is gearing up! Thanks for your inquiry. Karen and Eddie are very excited and welcoming everyone who want to run or walk with them. You can contact Karen at: Please keep spreading the word. God bless you! -Sr. Augustine Marie