Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hi again!  Thanks Deb and Cheri for leaving your comments!!  We are very excited you are promoting the Nun Run via forums and your Facebook account.  We hope others will be inspired by your ways of promoting our race and will do the same.  Any way you can get the word out is just great!  Thank You for your enthusiasm!  As promised, I am posting a picture from our last core meeting.  These are a few of the dear ladies who are helping us organize this event.  From left to right they are: Sr. John-Mark, me, Susan, Jill and Ann Marie.  (Jen is not shown, but thank you too!)  These are just incredibly dedicated woman of God, and they are behind much of the work we are doing to make March 20th happen!  Please pray for them and for us.  We are unbelievably indebted to them!  Thank you, Ladies!  May Our Lord reward you!

There is so much going on...  People are starting to register.  YAY!!!  We will be posting our first few flags on the Shadow Participant page today or Monday.  Make sure and check out where our friends will be running with us across the country.  We are equally excited about participation outside of our venue.  This will be an awesome witness of being one family in Christ, and the universality of His Church.  We hope many, many more of you will sign up and run with us wherever you are.  It is written in several places, but again, I wanted to explain that the largest "team" that runs together outside of our Glendale, AZ location will be recognized and awarded.  We will have a "Nun Run Cup" - much like the Stanley Cup idea.  And the winning team will have their name and location engraved on the Cup.  This trophy will be kept in a place of honor from year to year for prayers and in thanksgiving for your teams participation.

There is always more to say :) ...but I am going to end for now.  I'll have a couple more fun things to share next time I blog - so make sure and check back soon.  Before I sign off today, with the holiday so close, I just want to suggest that you consider registering your family and friends for the Nun Run as a Christmas gift!  If you know they like to run/walk and would be interested in being apart of our fundraiser - this would be a great way to surprise them!  If they aren't too into running or walking, you could still give a donation to the Run in their honor as a Christmas gift.  It's the time of year to give and receive and what better way than to give to the Lord, by letting those you love be apart of helping us build Him a Eucharistic Throne here in the desert.

Alright, He is coming!!  :) Yippee!!
We are only 5 days away from the Great Feast of Christmas!!


  1. A Nun-Run?! Now that's a great idea!! Will post it on facebook too :)
    Love and prayers.
    Monica, Australia.