Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Great Big Thank You

To everyone who braved the cold temps and threat of rain to join in the fun at the Nun Run: THANK YOU.  We had 780 runners/walkers at the event and a good many spectators as well.  It was a GREAT SUCCESS.  Thanks to our awesome photographer, Jeff Fuentebella, we will have TONS of photos to share with you very soon (below are just a few that friends have shared via facebook)

For those who haven't heard, here are the Challenge Winners:

Chaplain Challenge Winner: Fr. John Muir, ASU

University with Most Participants: Fr. Matt Lowry and Northern Arizona University
Highschool: Ville de Marie Academy
Elementary School: St. Thomas the Apostle
Parish: St. Joan of Arc

All the official times and the race winners will be posted soon.  Thanks for your patience.  We are still trying to get reorganized after the Run (and the fact that there is a conclave going on doesn't help!  We all have one eye on the chimney at all time!)

To our sponsors, our participants, our donors, and those who prayed for sunshine: THANK YOU.  More soon...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Challenge Tally = Stiff Competition

Sr. John-Mark is looking for more registrations!  Only one week left, be sure to register SOON!

Sr. John-Mark just tallied up all the registrations...and sorted all of Challenge Registrations.  Wanna know who's ahead at this point?

*UNIVERSITY: Just ONE REGISTRATION separates NAU from ASU!!!  Ya, can't get much closer than that!  We're sure the Chaplain's Challenge will be just as close!

*ELEMENTARY: Ville de Marie is in the lead!!!

*HIGH SCHOOL: We have how many Catholic High Schools in Phoenix? 8?  Where are all the registrations?  Come on you high schoolers, represent! :)

*PARISH PRIDE: St Joan of Arc in NARROWLY winning the Parish competition, just 2 registrations ahead of St. Mary Magdalene, with several other parishes just a few registrations behind that (including St. Thomas and St. Annes).

With only a week left to register, all of the Challenges are still wide open! Who will the winners be?

In other news, we received the sad news that Fr. Mark from EWTN's Life on the Rock will not be able to make it to the Nun Run as expected.  Wondering why?  Well, he just HAD to go to Rome and cover the Conclave for EWTN...lame excuse, right!?  All kidding aside, we pray for EWTN and their ongoing coverage of these historic events, as well - of course - as promising our prayers to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and the College of Cardinals.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fergus says: Times a tickin'

Fergus is hard at work with all the last minute Nun Run details.  He's trying to figure out how many tshirts to order for the racers.  He has to place the order very soon.

He's hoping that all the racers who haven't registered will get moving and register today.  It would help him make an accurate tshirt order!  He appreciates your consideration.

Click here to register NOW!

Fergus is feeling just a little overworked (can't you tell by the look on his face), especially as - in addition to placing this t-shirt order - he's also had to actually design it.  He did a great job, huh?  Way to go Fergus.  Everyone's gonna love it!

To order a shirt, without actually participating in the Nun Run, you must do so by 5 p.m. on Feb. 28th.  

Click here to order a shirt!

P.S.  Part of Fergus' angst could be the fact that his brother, Percy, is taking a different approach to the Nun Run stress.  He's just sleeping it off.  Way to stay calm, Percy.  Good job!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello all you faithful nun run fans,
It's time to do the deed and REGISTER!  Register now to get the best deal.  $25 through Feb. 23rd. 

We'll make it super easy for you!  Just click here to register via Active

Please don't wait till Race Day to register.  Yes, we do have Day-Of Registrations, but we cannot guarantee the correct t-shirt size for those who register on Race Day.

All the last minute details for the Run are coming together beautifully. 

I've been thinking a lot about the run that St. John and St. Peter did as they ran to the tomb on that first Easter morning.  They ran with such anticipation and hope! 

But alas we are not yet at Easter, are we?  As always, the Nun Run falls right in the middle of Lent. 

But, really it is the perfect time for a fundraising Run, is it not?

Registering could be part of your Lenten almsgiving and training part of your Lenten discipline! 

Let us run so as to win - let us run for the crown that does not wither... 1Corinthians 9!

 Please register today...

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Challenges are on...

OK everybody...The 4th Annual Nun Run is like only one month away!  Let's start getting excited!!!  This year promises to be the best yet as people across Arizona get involved.

The School Challenge and the Parish Pride are still pretty new!  So let's do our best get them up and running!!  For more info on both of these Challenges, check out some info on our website or email us @ challenge@desertnunrun.com 

The Chaplains Challenge is going strong.  Rumor has reached us that both priest chaplains' are training.  Last year it was a pretty stiff competition with Fr. Muir finishing just seconds before Fr. Lowry.  So we'll see whether or not NAU will claim the fame this year! 

Be sure to cast your vote on the Chaplains Challenge poll on the sidebar of this blog! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome to the 4th Annual Nun Run

Run 4 the Nuns!

Saturday, March 9, 2013
Kiwanis Park

Register at http://www.4peaksracing.com/event.php?id=225